John Vesley is Secondhand Serenade. He’s a man said to rival Elvis for looks and have the vocal range of an 80s hair band. John Vesely is someone that all music lovers can look up to. The moment that John takes the stage, he mesmerizes crowds; with his strong lone voice, his guitar and his bagful of stories.

The lone wanderer, John Vesley could never manage to just settle down in a single place with one band, so at the end of summer in 2004 – John left the band scene to walk alone and become a single artist.

There’s something that separates John Vesley from the typical singer/songwriter – we can all see that. Therefore, John adopts the name Secondhand Serenade to make this clear. Secondhand Serenade has no limits, whereas a name like John does.

John tries to keep a mysterious edge to his shows by never tieing himself down to one thing. For example, he may invite ten different musicians to the stage with him for a performance. This is one of the factors that helps bring the crowds back for more!

Secondhand Serenade took off faster than John ever expected. His shows were becoming increasingly popular, with his huge group of online and offline followers. Johns debut album release, Awake was released due to the overwhelming support he recieved. John wanted absolutely everything to be perfect for his first album release. He booked a top-of-the-range recording studio and then produced the entire 10 track release all by himself. Even though Secondhand Serenade weren’t signed to any major recording label – John wanted to compete with the best on the market. From start to finish, everything was done completely on Johns terms.

With sucesses such as Maybe skyrocketing in popularity on popular local radio stations, and online sales of the album booming, John quickly regained all the costs of production.

Although John is considering acquiring a recording contract in the future, it is totally obvious that Secondhand Serenade will excel as an independent project. In the meantime however, John will continue to thrill audiences and release inspiring new songs.